“Barry has an Uncanny Ability!”

“When reading my company description, Barry had the uncanny ability to read beyond the words I had written. He read into them, through them and gave them depth, color and life. With flair and beauty, Barry expressed how my business transforms my client’s lives, and he did this much more eloquently than I could have done myself.”

 Hershey Wier – Director, Anewist Consulting


Before you ask for a free quote here are 8 things you should know first:

  1. My fees are project based. I do not quote by the hour, which is actually better for you (you’ll know exactly what your cost will be at the very beginning). And depending on the weather (weather or not I accept the project), I typically charge between $800 – $1,000 per page. Questions: call me and we’ll talk: 805-236-4801.
  2. My minimum fee is $1,000 (for first-time clients). So if all you want are a couple of headlines – those will be the most expensive 2 headlines you will ever buy (at least from me) unless you bundle them with a few pages of sales copy.
  3. Payment is due in advance. All work must be paid in full, in advance, before I write one word. However, once we’ve done a few promotions together and you prefer to pay 50% in advance and the balance upon completion, you still have to pay the full price in advance.
  4. Royalties and commissions. If you’re an experienced marketer and we’ve already worked together successfully on a number of promotions – I’m always ready to negotiate a percentage-based compensation arrangement.
  5. Turnaround time. Depending on the project, I can complete it in as short as 2 days or as long as 6-8 weeks. If it’s a last minute rush job, and you expect me to push you to the front of the line, expect to pay as much as 50% more (unless you have me on retainer – then I’m pretty much yours to command).
  6. Revisions. If requested within 15 days of delivery, I will make any changes to the copy I wrote as long as they are consistent with the original scope and concept of the project. In other words, if you originally requested a brochure and now want a series of autoresponders instead, or in addition; or you originally wanted to highlight the efficiency and ease-of-use of your product but now want instead to promote recently added capabilities to attract a totally different market segment – that’s a big no-no, because that’s a completely new project.
  7. Projects I accept. If you agree to everything above, I’ll pretty much write anything for you, from postcards to magalogs, from email campaigns to TV commercials.
  8. Critiques and edits. If you already have copy written, but aren’t confident it’s ready for primetime, and want a detailed second opinion with detailed recommendations … I will do that. If you regularly send out emails, for example, and need me to punch them up and put some fire into them … I will do that, too. As for the pricing of critiques and edits, I’d need to see the copy first. But one thing is for sure: It’ll be a helluva lot cheaper than having me write your copy from scratch.

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