“Over HALF-MILLION Promotions Mailed!”

“Barry, It’s great working with you. Your copy continues to work over and over. I’ve successfully mailed over 500,000 direct mail pieces that you’ve written! Great work!!!

Craig Simpson – Direct Mail Consultant



What guarantees do I provide?

The most any copywriter can honestly offer. I guarantee I will provide you with the best possible marketing and sales copy my years of experience and talent can muster. I also guarantee I will make every effort, sweat over every word, agonize over every sentence and deliberate over every paragraph, in order to provide you with persuasive and compelling sales copy designed to raise your conversions and increase your sales.

Do I guarantee results?

Of course — not! And any copywriter that says he or she will is either a liar or a fool, and probably both. Consider: Because you cannot guarantee me that everyone on your mailing list is starving for your product, and that your product is without flaw, and that your offer and terms are drop dead generous beyond compare, and that your reputation is sterling and universally known, and that you can deliver my copy to your readers at a place and time where they will eagerly read it in its entirety … how can I guarantee you a result?

Do I provide design?

Nope. But to ensure that your promotion has a firm lock on your reader’s eyeballs, I’ll be happy to collaborate with your designated designer, hopefully one who has ample experience with direct response design (and is not just looking to draw useless pretty pictures).

Do I write primarily B2C or B2B?

I write for money, and to decimate existing controls (which I have a record of doing). Beyond that I don’t restrict myself to any particular industry or market — provided of course it’s ethical and legal.


Barry A. Densa