“Over HALF-MILLION Promotions Mailed!”

“Barry, It’s great working with you. Your copy continues to work over and over. I’ve successfully mailed over 500,000 direct mail pieces that you’ve written! Great work!!!

Craig Simpson – Direct Mail Consultant


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A Copywriter that Delivers! 




Dear Marketer,

However you got here, this is the question you’re now asking yourself:

“Can Barry Densa write direct response copy for me – sales letters, landing pages, ads, email campaigns, direct mail packages, TV commercials — whatever – that’ll make me MORE MONEY than the room temperature marketing and sales copy I’ve been using?”

Now if you ask me, of course I’ll say, yes – don’t be silly! So…

I’ve got a better idea for you…

First, read the testimonials in the sidebars on every page of this website. This is what every marketer covets: social proof. In my case, direct marketers testifying that my copy gets results, that it converts, that it brings them business — that it makes them money.

Then, go to my sample page and read the marketing and sales copy I’ve already written — possibly for the biggest competitor in your niche.

And please take note of the different products and markets I’ve written for – while possessing hardly any experience with, or familiarity or affinity for, those products or markets (in most cases) prior to accepting the assignment.

Why is that important for you to note? 

Because … the ability to discover and appreciate the uniqueness, the quality and the value of your product or service; the ability to identify, empathize and bond with your target market; the ability to write in a clear, concise and convincing voice; the ability to persuade, and compel action …

This is what you’re looking for — FIRST AND FOREMOST

in a marketing and sales copywriter!

Whether you’re marketing your product or service to a 65-year-old arthritic retiree … or a 40-year-old executive with a yen for exotic and expensive diversions … or a 35-year old single mother of three looking for a second income …

Your sales copy must have a perfect “message to market match.”

Would you talk to your son or daughter the same way you talk to your friends, or your parents? Of course not.

Understanding your customer and how to engage them is still not enough!

Your sales copy must also “continue the conversation” your customer is already having with himself.

In other words…

The job of marketing and sale copy is not to create desire where there is none – but to turn up the heat beneath an already existing desire for the solution your product or service provides, and for which your customer has already been searching — so they’ll buy it!

Now there’s a lot more that goes into writing successful marketing and sales copy.

That’s why I also urge you to read at least one or two of my published articles.

And then, when you’re ready — truly convinced I’m the copywriter you’ve been looking for, the copywriter you need …

Request a Free Quote or just call me directly at 805-236-4801.

(But only after you’ve visited the Free Quote page – because there are things there you definitely need to know before you call).


Barry A. Densa